You Are Loved & Free

You are Loved & Free - A Guided Journey to Winning the Battle for Your Identity

There is a battle raging for your identity…

How do you gain your sense of worth and significance? Career? Kids? Marriage? Finances? Living in a culture where your achievements define you makes you prey to attacks on your very identity. But God values you regardless of your wins and losses and provides the tools in His Word to help you win the battle and rebuild your identity on His truth as you walk with Him into your purpose.

Born achiever Micah Ruth found herself questioning her value during a career demotion and personal crisis. Feeling like a failure and questioning her every move, Micah began listening to God as He led her to make major life changes and reassess the source of her worth. Through exploring the book of Ephesians, Micah uncovered the lies that held her captive and broke the self-inflicted chains of shame to ultimately experience deep soul transformation.

Micah weaves her story as inspiration for you to embark on your own journey of freedom and discovery. Devotionals, journal questions, and practical application prompts provide opportunities for you to remove your armor of self-reliance, grow in your faith, and reflect on your story. You Are Loved & Free also includes resources to help you discover your gifts and purpose while you cling to your newfound identity as a beloved and free child of God!

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