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Hungering for Life

Shooting out of bed with holy fire, I emailed the founder and CEO of the publishing company. A few months prior we had chatted about a position that I wanted…
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The Approval That Matters

“Oh Lord,” I prayed in earnest, heart lurching toward the vision. “I would love to work for you full time,” I cried aloud. But my mind could not see a…
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Simply Children of God

“I am going on a solo birthday trip to the mountain resort to get my soul right with God again,” I announced to my husband the day before my birthday…
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Overnight Wonder – The Temptation to Test God

Finally, my Amazon account was fixed. I was pumped when I logged on to see the not working notification was gone. It had been weeks of waiting on the non-responsive Amazon team while biting my nails to the quick. I hit the link to see the sales with trepidation and immediately felt a crushing blow…

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The Temptation of Shiny Darts

  “They are going to think this is the best thing ever created,” I thought as I closed down my computer at the end of my workday.  I had set aside several hours to complete a much-needed starting piece for the project I was running. It had all come together beautifully. Hours earlier, when I…

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Overcoming Disappointment with Love

Tears swam in my little man’s eyes when I asked him what was wrong. I went in to read him a bedtime story, unaware he was upset, but the disappointment was all over his little face.  “I left my goody bag at the party,” he choked out as a tear escaped his left eye.  We…

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Surrendering Your Life to God

Legs dangling a few feet over the bubbling creek, I sat on the bridge at the end of one of my favorite mountain bike trails, letting the Truth God was gently speaking wash over my soul. God had given me the vision of writing and speaking for Him, but I had been attempting to fill…

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Building Your Identity on the Rock

Sure, we were in an argument, but the words were too valid not to cut like a jagged knife into my already tender heart. “Someday,” my husband turned toward me with a furrowed brow, “you will have built an amazing castle, but you will turn around and find you are there all alone.” Days later,…

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Fighting the Temptation of Easy

Embarrassingly, there is this false gospel I still submit to from time to time. It’s the belief that thinks because I am a Christian, trying to follow Jesus well, that nothing bad should happen to me. Worse yet, the belief that everything I try to do, especially in the name of Jesus, should go well….

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