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Hungering for Life

Shooting out of bed with holy fire, I emailed the founder and CEO of the publishing company. A few months prior we had chatted about a position that I wanted…
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The Approval That Matters

“Oh Lord,” I prayed in earnest, heart lurching toward the vision. “I would love to work for you full time,” I cried aloud. But my mind could not see a…
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Simply Children of God

“I am going on a solo birthday trip to the mountain resort to get my soul right with God again,” I announced to my husband the day before my birthday…
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Overcoming the Enemy in My Head

  We have a new uninvited and rather strange resident at our house. He is a robin who we have jokingly named Robinator. It is a mix between Robin and gladiator. A fitting name for this bird. He is a fighter. For the past several weeks, he has decided that the huge ponderosa pine tree…

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Breaking Up With the Burnout Lifestyle

  Poky was my childhood nickname for good reason. Much like the curious puppy in the classic childhood story The Poky Puppy, I was always lost in thought, curiously pondering the world around me. My mom had to keep a close eye on me because I often drifted off into the world of my thoughts…

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Loving Your Neighbor Today

  My hurt son and I experienced the love of neighbor Jesus talks about most unusually this week. It was a small gesture of kindness big on compassion and love. My poor little guy took a bad crash from his mountain bike, splitting just below his eyebrow open. Heads bleed profusely even in minor injuries,…

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Finding True Security In The Constant Changes of Life

  For months I have been praying for this new season to settle down, but changes keep coming at an increasing speed. I was longing for true security. I thought that upending my 21-year career in the corporate fintech world was the culprit for feeling disoriented so often. And before I left, I thought the…

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How Love Overcomes Perfection

“Hey, Buddy. What are you doing?” I said trying to refocus the attention of my middle son back towards his math worksheet for the fifth time in the last ten minutes.  “oh yeah,” he said swiveling his head back toward the table from the spot on the ceiling his mind had wondered too.  Focusing on…

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A Better Kind of R & R

  Head spinning and the ringing in my ears getting louder by the second, I jumped out of my chair and sharply reprimanded my 7-year-old.  “I have had enough”, I shouted, sharply. This statement was true but it was mommy who needed the reprimand.  Shocked hurt registered on his sweet face as I walked into the…

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