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Hungering for Life

Shooting out of bed with holy fire, I emailed the founder and CEO of the publishing company. A few months prior we had chatted about a position that I wanted…
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The Approval That Matters

“Oh Lord,” I prayed in earnest, heart lurching toward the vision. “I would love to work for you full time,” I cried aloud. But my mind could not see a…
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Simply Children of God

“I am going on a solo birthday trip to the mountain resort to get my soul right with God again,” I announced to my husband the day before my birthday…
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Faith For the Forks In The Road

Heart deflated in my chest, I prayed that I would just fall asleep. I was over this day filled with hard news and a lack of clarity for the next steps. It is so daunting to be standing at the fork in the road you did not expect…again.  “Father,” I prayed silently, face buried into…

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Permission to Feel & Fail

I sat cross-legged on the puffy brown leather chair, heart twisted in despair, trying with all my might to get over myself, get up, and ready for work. I have always been so good at stuffing my feelings, slamming the door on them, and getting on with my day. A master at hiding from my…

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Dancing in the Kingdom

I sat on the edge of the bridge, legs swinging over the mountain stream, too weary to cry. Today was not like yesterday, full of promise and a tangible view of God working great things out in my life. No, today threw our family another hard curveball instead.  My husband injured himself on a mountain…

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God Really Likes You

I sat in a tall chair in the middle of the room surrounded by women’s faces smiling back at me. My heart was knocking with nerves even though I knew over half of the women by name. A few of them were even good friends of mine. But it was the first time I had…

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Where Are Your Eyes?

I shot up out of bed like lightning had struck me and looked around heart still pumping. Realizing it was still dark I picked up my phone and clicked the side button to see the clock. It was 3:45 am…again.  I had started a new job that week and the pressure to perform haunted me….

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Are You Living Already Chosen?

My husband and I stopped courting a long time ago. With three kids, two still in their elementary years, romance is an afterthought. We are lucky to have a date now and then, but it is not sporadic. Quite the opposite in fact. It has to be well planned out with plenty of notice. Now…

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