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A few years ago, God called me into homeschooling my two youngest children, but really He has called all parents to disciple their children. At the time, I had a senior in Highschool, a fourth grader, and a first grader who, because of COVID, did not even go to school his whole kindergarten year.

These last few years have taught me what it means to share God's truth with three kids in different places. And I have learned to laugh at myself, to care more about their hearts than standard measures, and to let the more challenging days slide while I focus on the joy of parenting my "joy bugs."

And now I want to share these stories with you! I hope my stories (and my kid's antics) bring you encouragement no matter how God has called you to disciple your kids (homeschool or not). And I hope to share resources that help you.

But, most of all I hope it brings you joy! Because I am convinced that raising our kids to know the one true loving God is full of joy.

Wonder Hike

My Little Disciples  Often homeschooling, working, and managing a household gets overwhelming. Often, my husband graciously grants me alone time. .  As it is winter here still, this has often looked like a snowshoe walks to my favorite neighborhood trail early in the morning before the grind starts. But now that we are back in…

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Above All Else

It so often does not feel like my little disciples are even listening to me, let alone growing in the wisdom I am trying to share. So when they say something or do something that repeats a previous lesson, it overwhelms my heart with such joy it leaks out of the corners of my eyes. …

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Redemption Day Birthday Field Trip

Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him. Psalm 127:3 Last week I got to go with my kids on their cross-country skiing field trip on my littlest disciple’s birthday. It was so much fun! But more than fun, it was so redemptive my eyes filled with grateful tears anytime…

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Learning Childlike Faith From My Child

This week at homeschool was a tough one. The oldest one came down with a cold on Monday, making our shared school a no go on Tuesday. (My kids attend a shared school run by the school district for homeschool parents in our county on Tuesdays and Thursdays.) Being under the weather also meant no…

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Starting Off With a Bang

My Little Disciples We are starting this new year in homeschool with a bang. We are beginning a new space science curriculum about how the universe was created by the one true God and NOT the big bang! But what I am most excited about is we are learning to revere the creator of this…

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Becoming Oddly Grateful for My New Call to Homeschool

“I need someone to color this calendar,” I inquired to two rowdy boys that did not appear to be paying any attention to me.I was four days into homeschooling them and still attempting to find a way to volley two kids in different grades with different subjects to review. I had just read through the…

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