New Series!

New Series!

Hello friends and welcome to the new devotional series, ‘Freedom Fall: Finding the Freedom to Be loved & Love Others’!

As you probably guessed from last week’s post, we wrapped up the Loved & Free series as you learned that I have started a new job and contracted to publish “The Loved and Free Identity” into a devotional journal book!

And yes, this has been a new amazing season that God was so faithful to bring me into, but it has not been easy. Walking in the early part of this new season has shown me that I have a long way to go in the area of freedom in Christ. I still have so many chains that bind me from just being who God has created me to be and living the glorious life He has planned for me.

Due to this, my Bible Study group and I started a study of the book of Galatians and Romans. Galatians is the freedom book and Romans is the theology of how to live book, so these were great places to dig into God’s truths around freedom in Christ. Faithfully, God has shown us what true freedom is and a fun way to loosen the chains that bind this season.

What God has revealed is that real freedom, God’s kind of freedom, is the freedom to be loved and love others.

Starting this week, we will be digging into this kind of freedom with more around what God says about the freedom to love in Galatians and Romans. Then we will be digging into the chains that bind, learning the truth around what God’s word says about them (Let it Glow), and learn how to let go of them by meditating on the Truth and allowing the Spirit to take them away (Let it Go). Look for another post this week on the “Let it Glow” and “Let it Go” methods God has given me for this study.

I am excited for you to join my Bible Study group and me on this journey to more freedom in Christ. I am praying for all of us that the Spirit would continue to loosen chains that keep us from the freedom we already have in Christ.

Until then, I leave you with this fun song. It has an cool and interesting sound, but really listen to the words, “Back before we learned the words to start a fight. Back before they told us that the haters were right. He spoke the truth, “let there be” and there was, Love is the language, love is your native tongue” Native Tounge. Switchfoot. I believe this is the truth that God wants us to find in this season.

Micah Ruth

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