The Battle is Won

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And the battle rages on...

Two meetings did not go my way today. And by not going my way, I mean two new large hurdles that I need to figure out how to get over must be completed rather quickly to reach my goal. Likely, I can't cross these in time. For a born achiever, these goal busting problems deflate my hope and drive my anxiety.

The Enemy attacks each day, and he is cunning. He is the deceiver, and he knows how to twist the truth just enough to make you believe it. Our greatest weapon against his lies is the truth God provides in His word. It says His Word is sharper than any two-edged sword and has the power to cut through lies (Hebrews 4:12).

So, How do we wield this weapon against Satan? We meditate on the truth by getting into His the Word every day and finding the truth the cancels the lies.

Candidly, I still tend to let goal setbacks, twisted by the Enemy, speak to my ability rather than the fact that trouble exists everywhere every day in this broken world. But, I am getting better at letting them roll off my back because I know something I did not know before God freed me to rebuild my identity in Him.

I now know that things break every day in this broken world, but none of this defines me, and none of this has the power to overcome the good life God has planned for me. But the best thing I now know is that no matter how hard I hustle through this life, I can't add significance to myself. I can't because I am already as significant as I can be.

I was created on purpose and with a purpose by the God of the universe, and He loves me. Not because of what I do or don't do. Not because of how my life turned out this week, this year, or this decade. I am as loved today as I will ever be because I am a dearly loved child of God. I was born loved, and nothing I do adds to his love for me.

I am loved and free. God's Word tells me so, and His Spirit confirms it again as I reread the Truth in His Word and let it into my heart.

The battle will rage on, but you have everything you need to keep winning. Even on days when you don't win the battle for your identity, God does. He already created you beautifully and purposefully. Nothing can change that. He already redeemed you fully. It is finished. You are loved and free. The battle is won. Amen.

Let's pray: Father, we know that the battle rages on every day. Help us to stay in your Word. Our greatest weapon. Help us to use it to cut down lies from the enemy and win the daily battles from here on out. In Jesus's name, Amen.

Win the battle for your identity!

God wants you to be secure in the knowledge that you are loved and free. He died to show you how valuable you are and to bring you back to your rightful place as His child. He freed you from needing to prove your worth and all the hurts that have told you that you are less than what He says you are. You are loved and free!

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